Northeast Michigan's Creative Talent
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When E.P. Lewandowski first presented his work to us we were amazed at the quality and detail in his work. The choice of colored pencil as the main medium has allowed him to explore the subject in great depth; every mark is intentional and well thought out. He has an amazing skill of bringing nature to life on paper and making the viewer feel as if they could hear the water flowing or the Lynx breathing.

It is always a pleasure to see Mr. Lewandowski, when he enters our building carrying a black portfolio we know that we are about to have the opportunity to see another beautifully colored drawing that takes our breath away.


E.P. Lewandowski is considered one of the finest artists to emerge from Northern Michigan in recent years. A graduate of the Fine Arts Department at Central Michigan University and a former MFA student at Eastern Michigan University, his career approach is based on the idea that each rendering has a purpose and place in his role as a visual artist.

He is recognized for his unusual approach to subject matter, his meticulous attention to detail, and his exquisite line and color interpretation. His recent waterscape series [quiets pools, currents, waterfalls, and shoreline settings] is perfect example of his ability to create the illusion of a speck of time, measure of space and fluid movement with a subject that is in constant change.

Included in many of his super-realistic drawings is also a touch of abstract expression often missed by the viewer.

His artwork has been exhibited in a wide range of forums and is currently available at selected galleries throughout Michigan, at his studio/residence in Alpena, Michigan, and on the web at