Northeast Michigan's Creative Talent
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Artists are required to apply to be represented on our site. Our expert panel of judges carefully reviews submitted books and artwork.  Those interested in becoming a part of Thunder Bay Gallery will need to supply us a short biography and a sample of the work they would like to sell. This information can be emailed to or an in-person appointment can be made by calling Model Printing Service, Inc. (989) 356-0834.  Once approved, a one-time $25.00 initial set-up fee will be charged which includes a low-resolution scan of your artwork or book cover, your complete sales listing and a short biography listing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What commissions are charged on sales?
30% if we print your artwork or books, 50% if it is printed elsewhere.

What if we want to sell our original artwork, pottery, jewelry, sculpture etc?
30% commission will be charged.

Is the artist/author responsible for arranging the shipping of the work to the customer or is that handled by Model?
Model Printing Service will package and ship all artwork sold on our site.

What amount of space is available for each artist/author-how many pieces of artwork/books can they have on your site?
Space is unlimited within reason.

How are updates of the artist’s/author’s listing page handled-updating information etc?
Updates that take more than 15 minutes will be billed at $35.00 per hour. Updates that take less than 15 minutes will be Free. Corrections will be Free

What is the fee for putting on new work?
$25.00 for the first piece of artwork/book and a short biography and photo of the artist/author. $15.00 for each additional piece of artwork/book.

Who does the photography of the artwork/book, artist/author, etc?
MPS will do a low-resolution scan of your artwork/book cover, which is included in the fee for putting on new work. MPS will also photograph the artist/author for a fee of $10.00

Who are the Jurors?
The jurors are Ed Klimczak who has 46 years experience in the Graphic Arts Industry. He has been printing Fine Art Giclee Prints for over 20 years, and printing and publishing books for over 10 years.

Angela Addington has a B.S. in Fine Art from Western MI University with a Graphic Design concentration. Coming from a family of professional artists, she has studied art since a child. Angela is a lifelong artist and has worked professionally as a graphic designer for over 20 years.

Amanda Pilarski has a B.F.A. from Eastern MI University with a minor in Marketing. She has studied art for over sixteen years and has traveled in Europe studying Art History and Drawing. Amanda was a drawing teacher to High School Students at the Flint Institute of Arts; and an adjunct Graphic Design Instructor at University of Michigan-Flint Campus prior to relocating to the Alpena, Michigan area.

Artwork/book submissions will be selected or rejected for inclusion on our site solely at the discretion of the Jurors.

Are there any other fees or costs to the artist/author?
If the artist/author would like their own password protected web pages they can obtain them through All they have to do is purchase their domain name from MPS for a fee of $17.70 per year, and they will get their own website with 5 Free web pages for their content that will be linked to The artist/author can design, upload, and make changes to this site themselves with our easy-to-use templates, or for $35.00 per hour, MPS can set up the site for you.

Is there a form of an agreement between you and the artist/author?
Yes, we have a written Art/Book Consignment Contract, which the artist/author is required to sign.

Is the sale transaction handled by Model, e.g. sales tax etc?
MPS will be responsible for paying sales tax and shipping charges.

When does the artist/author receive payment and how is this handled, accounted for?
MPS will track sales online, and make payment to the artist/author on a quarterly basis when their sales have totaled $100.00 or more.

As you have more people on your website, how will you handle featuring certain artists/authors?
We will rotate them on a monthly basis. There will be one artist and one author featured as artist/author of the month, every month.